The Importance Of Staking Your Property Lines

The following is a guest author's contribution, from one of this blog's partners. Owning your own property is a wonderful feeling but there are many things which can damage or ruin the experience. This is why you may need to consider staking your property lines. You will need to use a licensed surveyor who will conduct a survey and put survey markers at every corner of your property. You will then be able to draw lines from marker to marker which will show the exact boundary of your property. Of course, you may wonder why it is so important to stake your property lines: Visible Border Property markers allow you to identify exactly where your property ends which can be very helpful if you are intending to erect fences or even plant a hedge on your border. In fact knowing your border is also useful if you are intending to build any sort of structure in your yard. You will need to comply with local regulations and these are likely to include guidelines regarding how … [Read more...]