Disney’s “Brave” ~ Recipes, Scottish Glossary, Dance Moves, & Kids Activity Downloads

Michty me, it's almost time for Brave!  You'll find no jiggery pokery in this here post, or I'll be a numpty blogger. Anyone else bursting with anticipation for Disney's new animated film "Brave" to be released next week, opening on June 22nd? I've never before had a babysitter lined up two weeks in advance, but this is one occasion that I do believe qualifies for it.  Since our wee, wild lad won't sit nicely through a whole movie, bringing him would be for naught.  And after seeing the funny clip on "Are you Man Enough to Wear A Kilt?", I'm pretty sure dad needs to also join my lass and I at the theatre on opening night.  I know I'll be stuffin my gob with popcorn. Here are some fun downloads to tide you over and help build the excitement! Brave Downloads:  Recipes, Games, and Mazes BRAVE Recipes ~ Not so sure about the creamy fish soup, but the sausage and egg breakfast dish sounds really good.  I will definitely be giving that a try. Here are some fun maze & game … [Read more...]