Start Kids Early at Summer Adventure Camp

Living in Colorado brings with it the privilege of easy access to a gorgeous outdoor playground.  It’s a large part of why my family lives here, yet it still takes an ongoing effort to get out there and enjoy it.  Even though we love the outdoors, we get busy with everyday life. Then there’s those darn screens, always ready-at-the-helm to suck time.  So I’m constantly looking for opportunities to fit outdoor play into my kids schedule.  Avid4 Adventure summer camps is bringing in the reinforcements, and has got you and your kids covered this summer. "Sending our daughter to Avid4 Adventure camp was one of the single best decisions we’ve ever made as parents. We learned much about her as a person and she felt awesome about herself and her experiences."                                                                                       ~ Avid4 Adventure parent Avid4 Adventure Summer Adventure Camps I absolutely love the Avid4 Adventure’s concept of summer adventure camps. … [Read more...]

Top Things To Do in San Diego, California

Heading to Southern California, and looking for family friendly ideas on what to do?  My family recently spent a week in the San Diego area, thanks to a generous Aventura Clothing Ambassador gift of a timeshare.  I did a fair amount of research prior to our trip, and also had a few of my own favorite places I wanted to see. Top Things To Do in San Diego This was my husband's first visit to the West Coast, it and was to be a grand adventure!  It would also be our first long road trip in some time, so we weren't sure what  to expect. Our trip was not without a surprise or two, but we had a great deal of fun.  I don't recommend our 14 hour road trip home through the southwestern states, in 108 degree temps with a broken A/C.  But here are the highlights I do recommend to your family, if you are headed to Southern California for vacation. 1.  San Diego Whale Watching San Diego Whale Watching offers the only year-round whale watching tour in San Diego.  Heading out on the … [Read more...]

My Week in LA, Without Getting Shot At

With Disneyland so nearby, you can imagine my initial excitement at being told I was to travel to Los Angeles for a week of work.  I had a healthy respect for (ok, hesitancy towards) the fact that my time would be spent almost exclusively by myself, in downtown LA.  But I can do this. So the week prior to departure I tackled all the usual things: Copied all the needed files to my laptop. Dug out my summer wardrobe - Hey, I’m going to Cali in March! (Post-trip note to self:  Working downtown LA does not require the same outfit selections as visiting a Southern California coastal resort.  More on this below.) Scoped out directions to my destinations. Read my online LA friend’s Facebook update, that week's highlight being her experiencing both an earthquake and gunshots to her car in one day.   Wait... what? Well, I’m pleased to report I survived my week in LA, and am now back home in Western Colorado safe and sound.  It was a fairly eventful trip.  Here are some of the … [Read more...]