Clif Kid Zfruit & Veggie Ropes [Giveaway, Ended 2/20]

Any active, on-the-go family would likely agree it's a challenge to find convenient, yet healthy, snacks to have on hand.   In our household, we think Clif Kid products do a nice job at tackling this problem, offering yummy, energy fueled snacks that our kids love... which are also nutritious.  And now there's another tasty option added to the lineup:  Clif Kid Zfruit + Veggie Ropes. Clif Kid Zfruit + Veggie Ropes Fruit seems to work it's way into our diet fairly regularly, and given the option I do like to feed my kids fresh fruit.  Fresh fruit doesn't always travel well, however, like when it's shoved into the cramped confines of a school or hiking backpack. And veggies are a whole other story.  I find it a constant challenge to try and include more of them into our diet.  So when you start talking about working some vegetables into the mix, in a kids snack... you have my attention! Enter the new Clif Kid Zfruit + Veggie Ropes.  Described as "a tangy, twisted fruit and veggie … [Read more...]

Meet the Moment ~ Your Photo Raises $5 for Outdoor Non-Profits

Celebrate, share and inspire with moments of outdoor adventure! Clif Bar's Meet the Moment fundraising initiative is underway, and it's easy, fun, and free for you to participate. Just upload a photo from your outdoor adventures to, choose one of their nonprofit partners that resonates with you most, and CLIF will donate $5 to the cause. You can upload multiple photos, for multiple donations. Meet the Moment In a few easy steps, you just upload a photo of your choice, add a title or description and where the adventure was from, and ta-daah! You just shared your moment! They email you a link to your photo and "moment page" (you can delete it at any time, if you have poster's regret...) Then, if you share or anyone else shares your Moment to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, they’ll donate an additional $1 to your designated nonprofit. They donate an extra $1 for all Facebook likes, too. You also get to choose who you want your donation to go to, … [Read more...]