To Ski, Or Not to Ski… That is My Dilemma

I grew up in the relatively flat state of South Dakota.  Land of long winters and below-freezing wind chills which whipped across the prairie.  My parents were both raised on ranches.  In short, they were not skiers, nor was teaching kids to ski anywhere on their radar. South Dakota is not totally devoid of a ski area, though.  So it was at age 16 that I made my first pilgrimage with fellow teens, to go learn to ski at Terry Peak in the Black Hills.  What did I think of skiing? Skiing First Impressions Cold. Icy. Terrifying. Cute boys. Short runs. Long chairlift rides. That’s about it, in a nutshell.  I tolerated it for the social aspect. But it was nothing I had a burning desire to pursue. I’ve since had the chance to ski bigger mountains than South Dakota offers, and enjoyed some good times on the slopes.  There have admittedly been brief, optimal moments when I felt a rush of excitement and glee over a great run.  Overall, I have comfortably settled in at:  … [Read more...]

5 Things I Learned Taking My Child Skiing

Neither of us being Colorado natives, and with all the (cheaper) things to do outside, my husband and I aren't big downhill skiers.  But we both want our kids to get a chance to learn how to ski.  Especially because it's so accessible where we live, if nothing else we'd like for them to be able to ski with their friends later on, and decide for themselves whether it's a passion of theirs. So it was primarily for my daughter's benefit that we finally made it to a ski area recently.    I was anxious, not having skied for over a decade.   She was excited, already knowing from her one skiing adventure two years ago that she loves it.   Here are some of the lessons I learned that day - a couple of them for the benefit of parents, and the others were tips which proved helpful to my child. 5 Things I Learned Taking My Child Skiing   1 .  Growing Age, Growing Fear We first took my daughter skiing when she was in Kindergarten.  I didn't expect she'd ride the chairlift and take … [Read more...]