Coca-Cola Conference #CCLP & Travel Week Extravanza

With just under a year of blogging under my belt, I recently received an exciting email invitation from Coca-Cola Public Affairs.  They are currently gearing up to host their 5th invitation-only Blogger Conference "Conversations With Coca-Cola", and I've been selected to attend from the Northwest Region. These fun conference events are being held for small, regional groups of bloggers and social media influencers.  It sounds like there will be less than 20 bloggers attending at Coke's Headquarters in Atlanta, GA - what a fun, intimate group. They fly us in, put us up in the downtown "W Hotel", and shuttle us back and forth to Coca-Cola each day. I'm pretty sure they're going to feed us, too.  At least I hope so.   It sounds like it will be a back and forth exchange:  Coke is interested to hear some "from the trenches" mom blogger input; I'm interested in meeting the Coke Polar Bear, touring the birthplace factory of my life-long beloved Diet Coke, and picking … [Read more...]