Nest Denver Children’s Boutique ~ Semi-Annual Sale [+ COUPON CODE]

Locally owned Nest is a Denver' children's boutique for ages 0-8 and tween girl sizes 8-12 years, found in two locations - 6th Avenue, and Larimer Square. They offer distinctive, whimsical clothing as well as curated gifts and novel community programming.  Whether you're already a fan, or will be in the Denver area and would like to check them out... now is the perfect time to do so - it's their Semi-Annual Sale (AND - you can receive an additional % off with my custom coupon code below!) Their brands are inspired by kids who like to express, explore and create, and they are proud to be the city's only locally-owned source for the Tea Collection. Nest is a destination store for parents who want to go beyond the internet to see and touch merchandise, and beyond chains and big box stores for unique yet practical clothing and gifts. At Nest, they emphasize affordability, community and customer service to help nurture your child from crib to classroom. Their original location on … [Read more...]

My Experience Getting a Blog Makeover [Coupon Code]

As some of you may have noticed, I recently got a new look here at Colorado Mountain Mom.  Because our blogs are such personal creations (and labors of love), I had always wondered how you could have someone ELSE design a site for you... that YOU would love.  Well, my experience getting a blog makeover was a fun and interesting process, so I'd thought I'd share it with you. In addition to just wanting a change, my personal reasons for wanting a blog makeover were: A crisper, more professional appearance Have some unique graphics, to set me apart and help with my brand identity Greater, flexible capabilities, in how I was able to display and present my posts Improved navigation around my site (I really wanted 2 menu bars!) I'm very happy with the results. Getting a Blog Makeover -  Big Decisions! The way your designer creates a blog look you will love, is by asking you lots and lots of questions.  I had no idea how many decisions (on my part) that this would … [Read more...]