Customize Your Own Gorgeous Birth Announcements

Whenever I have a friend or family member send me a breathtaking birth announcement in the mail, it’s something I treasure.  In this digital day and age, we need to remember that moments such as these are special, and ideal to preserve in print! Did you realize it's easy to order a creative, artsy birth announcement?  All you need is the information to include, and maybe an adorable baby photo.  Basic Invite can take it from there, and are skilled at making custom invitations and more. Using their site, you can easily design something that you’ll be proud and excited to send to friends and loved ones.  Their lovely templates and ideas make it simple to craft and order your photo birth announcements. Easy to Create… With Almost Unlimited Colors The Basic Invite website is inspiring and easy to use.  Nearly 200 sample birth announcement designs are available to peruse. Just find a design that you love.  Then you can customize even further with over 180 different color … [Read more...]