My Experience Getting a Blog Makeover [Coupon Code]

As some of you may have noticed, I recently got a new look here at Colorado Mountain Mom.  Because our blogs are such personal creations (and labors of love), I had always wondered how you could have someone ELSE design a site for you... that YOU would love.  Well, my experience getting a blog makeover was a fun and interesting process, so I'd thought I'd share it with you. In addition to just wanting a change, my personal reasons for wanting a blog makeover were: A crisper, more professional appearance Have some unique graphics, to set me apart and help with my brand identity Greater, flexible capabilities, in how I was able to display and present my posts Improved navigation around my site (I really wanted 2 menu bars!) I'm very happy with the results. Getting a Blog Makeover -  Big Decisions! The way your designer creates a blog look you will love, is by asking you lots and lots of questions.  I had no idea how many decisions (on my part) that this would … [Read more...]