A Visit to Denver Museum of Nature & Science

There is certainly plenty of fun to be had in the city of Denver, Colorado.  When my family and I were there last weekend, we decided to swing by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.  And boy, are we glad we did!  It had been a few years since our last visit.  As it turns out, this place is even more fabulous than we remembered. With three stories of interesting and varied exhibits to choose from, there’s truly something to pique everyone’s interest here. Our kids ages 6 and 12 have been bubbling with enthusiastic chatter ever since, telling friends and grandparents about all the things they saw and learned. Plus, it was air conditioned. On a 100 degree Colorado summer day.  It was the perfect place to be for a day of family fun. Awesome Outer Space Display… (Even if you Skip the Planetarium) You’ll notice when you purchase tickets there are several options.  One is to add a visit to the Planetarium.  We did *not* have these type of tickets, but were happy to … [Read more...]

Jurassic Quest in Grand Junction, CO This Weekend

Having a 5 year old son whose love of dinosaurs is just starting to fully blossom, hearing that Jurassic Quest was heading to Grand Junction, Colorado, on the weekend of September 11-13th definitely caught our attention.  We had a chance to check it out today, and I wanted to give you some scoop on what your family can expect if you head down to the Mesa County Fairgrounds for this venue. Jurassic Quest ~ Admission Options First, Jurassic Quest isn't cheap.  If you go, I do recommend that you go ahead and purchase the "Kids VIP" pass for $22, which will include the extras like access to the bump and jumps, riding the mini animatronic dinosaurs, mini jeep rides, and fossil digs. Other than just walking through and looking at the large animatronic dinosaur display, which granted is the highlight, I'm not sure what else they *can* do, if they don't have the VIP pass.  I think a kid would feel pretty left out.  VIP gets you a wrist band to wear, which Jurassic Quest staff checks … [Read more...]