Disney Cars: Extended Look at Cars 3, What You Should Know, & Carsland!

After a distressing couple of months with nothing but that awful (as in, upsetting) teaser trailer of Lightening McQueen getting in a wreck that "changes everything"... we finally are getting an extended peek at the new Cars 3! Cars Movies ~ My Family's Favorite! First, I'd like to address the commentary I've read online about Cars and Cars 2 "not being Disney/Pixar's best work".  What?  What?  What's this? To hear that someone thinks the Disney Cars movies aren't great films genuinely puzzles me?  My family absolutely ADORES Cars.  The setting, the characters, the storylines, the jokes, Mater's twangy accent.  All of it. Sure, having a young son who loves all-things-with-wheels has increased our interest.  But as an adult parent who has watches hundreds (perhaps thousands) of animated movies in the past decade, I know of what I speak.  The Cars movies are fantastic, and well worth a repeated watch.  And we can't wait for the release of Cars 3! I'd just like to plug … [Read more...]

Meet the Characters of Disney ‘Planes’, Plus 2 Trailers

I like the Disney movie "Cars" so much, I'll even watch it by myself, in the absence of any children in the room to use as an excuse.  I've caught my husband doing the same. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear a spinoff "Planes" will be landing in theatres already this summer, on August 9, 2013. I say I'm surprised because when Disney Movie PR came out with their "2013 Disney Movie" roster late last year (at least the one they send to bloggers), this movie wasn't on it. Puzzling that it has suddenly come bursting out of the chutes, and with a tantalizing release date that will be here before we know it.  At any rate, someone had a great idea... and apparently someone decided to follow through with it pronto-like.  So that's cool. We don't see a lot of movies in the theatre, but we will be there opening weekend for this one.  Looking over the character descriptions, my only fear is that they will try to follow the successful Cars/Cars 2 formula so closely, it will somewhat … [Read more...]