Cure for the Itchy Disney Princess Gown

Many young girls wear a princess costume when visiting the Disney Parks.  Whether it's on your family's Disney vacation, or just around the house... do you have a Disney Princess in your household who also values her comfort?  Those gorgeous gowns can be itchy! Not unlike myself, my daughter won't wear anything uncomfortable. So beginning with her first Disney trip at age 4, we were faced with a dilemma:  Whatever is a Princess to do when she wants to dress up, but can't take wearing an itchy Disney Princess gown? A pleasant discovery on our first visit to a Disney World gift shop  answered our dilemma:  Disney Princess nightgowns! The Disney Princess Gown Alternative The Disney Princess nightgowns are lovely, and come in the same themed colors and characters as do the Disney Princess gowns.    We had my daughter wear her shorts and t-shirt underneath.   The result is a completely soft, comfortable dress up option, which I think is still pretty adorable. Her 2nd trip, a … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Castle Couture

This week's theme:  Brought to you by the Letter "C" *o*     *o*     *o* Castle Couture! If you leave Cinderella's Castle in Disney World and enter into Fantasyland with a Princess in your group, you must duck into the Castle Couture gift shop.   And if she's not yet donning a gown, glass slippers, crown, and full accessories ... there she'll find a world of options to remedy the situation. Parents, don't forget your Cash or Credit Card... and these prices are now outdated - ouch. *o*     *o*     *o* Thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting this weekly Disney photo blog hop!  Click the button below fore more great shots from this week. … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

This week's theme:  Disney Details*o*     *o*     *o*How I love the Disney Princess float!  Plenty of details here to take in... (notice each princess is under an arch perfectly suited to her story).   From the "Celebrate a Dream Come True" Parade on Main Street USA, Disney World, January 2009.*o*     *o*     *o*Thanks to Deb at "Focused On the Magic" for hosting this weekly photo blog hop!  Click on the button below, and check out the other great "Disney Details" pictures this week. … [Read more...]