Toddlers First Disney Character Greeting

The month my son turned one, we took a family trip to Disney World.  The first time you get to take your child to Disney is special for many reasons.  Meeting so many beloved Disney characters for the first time is, of course, a highlight! If your child is young, or timid, here's a few tips you can follow to help make it a carefree and happy experience for them. Toddlers First Disney Character Greeting Tips Even at a young age, toddlers often recognize the live Disney characters found in the parks, just from the shows they have watched.  So be sure to watch some of your Disney movie favorites before your trip!  It will keep the characters fresh in their mind, and hopefully help them warm up more readily when they spot them in the Parks. I had my son in Disney Jr Mickey Mouse Clubhouse boot camp for a few weeks prior to our trip.  I think it paid off nicely. When the big moment arrives - ease in slowly, and don't pressure them to be held or get close to the character once … [Read more...]