Easy Italian Meals with Bertolli – Giveaway [Ended 10/4]

Buongiorno! Do you love easy meal ideas?  How does some quick & delicious Italian food sound?  Bertolli has an entire line of frozen meals, and have recently introduced a new, very tasty option:  Bertolli Classic Risottos. Bertolli Classic Risottos - "Molto Delizioso!" Yes, that's Italian for "very delicious"! We were already fans of Bertolli, but they have really knocked it out of the park with these new Risotto meals.  There are currently two flavors available: Roasted Chicken & Mushroom Garlic Shrimp No fancy kitchen tools needed to prepare this Italian delicacy.  Bertolli has taken the guesswork and labor out of preparing risotto from scratch. Especially for rushed work/school/week night meals, I'm a huge fan of anything this easy.  Open package.  Pour into pan.  Heat pan over stove for 12 minutes.  That's what I'm talking about. We tried Roasted Chicken & Mushroom first.  We cheated a little, since my husband had already grilled some chicken … [Read more...]