7 Amazing Things I Loved About Portugal

Named “2016 Hottest Destination of the Year” by Travel & Leisure, and now #3 on Lonely Planet's "2018 Top 10 Countries" list, Portugal is an amazing Europe destination that's getting more and more attention as people discover it's unassuming treasures.  This was my FIRST trip to Europe, and what a wonderful, eye-opening experience it was!   Pastries, kayaking, beaches, seafood galore, a perfect family resort, and visiting one of Europe's most unique castles.   Bliss. First Timer in Europe ~ Why Pick Portugal? My recent visit to Portugal was my first time experiencing Europe, and was certainly a thrill.  Fellow world traveling companions provided some insight for me along the way, pointing out just how many of this country's wonderful features were unique in all of Europe. Portugal offers relatively low prices, lots of English speaking, friendly people, delectable foods (including tons of mouth watering fresh seafood), and amazing coastline scenery. For these reasons and all … [Read more...]

A Musical Weekend in Vienna

If you are looking for a bit of culture, the city of Vienna is a great option. This beautiful city has a long and rich history. It is a great city for music lovers, with a four hundred year history of being a centre of excellence for music and the arts. Here is our guide to some of the best Viennese destinations for music lovers. A Night at the Opera The history of opera is a long one. As far back as the 1500s, the Romans made song part of their fiestas, which is why the Italians are credited with being the father’s of opera. There is no doubt that without the Italians, we would not have opera, but it is also correct to call Vienna the home of opera. The Viennese people played a very important role in the development of opera. In 1762, the first modern operas were performed in Vienna. For the first time the songs were put together to tell a story rather than being just standalone songs. The format of modern opera was established then. Today, there are three great … [Read more...]

Tour Italy With Lonely Planet Travel Guides

"Benvenuti in Italia!"... Welcome to Italy!  If you were planning a trip to this amazing country, how would you chose a Travel Guide? Travel Guide books are exciting.  They open your eyes to a place you are longing to experience for yourself.  They equip you with fun and helpful information to assist you in planning vital trip details ahead of time.  And they help you get the most enjoyment out of your visit while you're there. At least they should do all of those things.  An important decision indeed!  Here's why I picked Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet ~ Real Guides for Independent Travelers Lonely Planet publishes travel guides for almost anywhere around the globe.  Let's face it, there are definitely a few quality options out there, when it comes to travel guide publishers. Personally, when I searched for the "just right" travel guide for me, after fairly extensive research I decided on Lonely Planet.  Why? Because I think Lonely Planet strikes a nice balance, in … [Read more...]