Sqord Helps Families Play Together, Win Together [Giveaway, Ended 11/25]

I’m excited to introduce you to Sqord, a family fitness platform that makes healthy, active play more fun for kids by allowing them to compete and earn points for everyday activities.   Sqord wrist bands are an accelerometer worn to record your activity level, and provide a visual reminder to encourage movement. One part social community, one part fitness tracker, one part game.  The brand’s first product:  the Sqord Pod and Game App that encourages kids to get out and play with others - building camaraderie and friendship through exercise-related activities. How does it work?  The Sqord Activity Pod tracks movement in the real world and converts it into Sqord Activity Points that kids can use in the Sqord App. Available for Android and Apple, the Sqord game app enables players to wirelessly sync and upload their points, and increases engagement and interest from kids by adding an element of friendly competition. The more Sqord Activity Points they earn, the more and … [Read more...]

Family Fun At The Trampoline Park!

Last week we went to to our local trampoline park Get Air (such a great name), located downtown Grand Junction in an old commercial silo building.  Holy cow was that unexpectedly fun!  All kids go crazy for this place, and I had been there once before, but previously just watched.  Mostly because I'm too cheap to pay my jumping admission.  And it seemed like... you know... it was for kids. Lo and behold - Monday nights are "parents jump free" nights, so we made it an extended family affair.  And we ALL jumped, like Champions! I was surprised at what a total blast this was.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  There's something about doing youthful things like this, that you maybe haven't done or felt in decades (seriously, when was the last time your body got thrown up into the air?), that makes a little kid giggle involuntarily bubble forth.  Accompanied by a feeling of glee.  It's a good feeling! My entire family was there… my brother & his family … even Nanna and Grandpa came to … [Read more...]