Ford Will Send Your Teen to Advanced Driving School for Free

I recently sat through a presentation by Ford Driving Skills For Life representatives, and listened as they described what I thought was a bizarre technology:  Drugged and drunk driving suits.  This "wearable tech", as they called it, simulates the physical restrictions a person experiences when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Why would anyone need that?  To teach your teenager how serious it is to drive drugged or drunk, during Ford's advanced driving school.  That's right, Ford holds advanced driving school for teen drivers... and it's free.  This training is a hands-on clinic, and provides the ultimate form of training for young drivers who hold a permit or license. Ford's Advanced Driver Training     The Ford's Advanced Driver Training is offered each year in 10-15 states.  Ford attempts to disperse and change the locations annually, in an effort to increase their reach and share this opportunity with as many teens and their families … [Read more...]