Firmoo Online Optical Store [Giveaway, Ended 10/20]

Firmoo is a popular online eyeglasses store, offering mail order of prescription glasses at prices much lower than you will typically pay in person, at an optical shop.  They have a great selection of frames, their eyeglasses and prescription lenses are of very nice quality, and ordering can be easy with just a few tips under your belt. I've been very happy with ordering from Firmoo in the past, and feel comfortable recommending that my readers give them a try... primarily because it's a real money saver.   If you'd like to check out my previous reviews to hear more about my experience, you can read about my first timer impression of shopping on Firmoo's website, and my best tips for ordering eyeglasses online. Firmoo Glasses ~ Frame Options Check out the Firmoo online optical store to see all the trendy styles available.  Browsing the site is fun and easy.  You can search for frames based on color, material, or style. Here were some of my favorites when I took a peek … [Read more...]

Firmoo – Cute Frames, Low Prices [Coupon Code]

This nerdy girl has worn glasses since the 4th grade.  My prescription is hefty, and although I wear contacts it's nice to have some updated glasses with a recent prescription available for when your eyes are tired.  Or you're lounging around the house on a Saturday morning.  Or perhaps you get a wild hair to look like a trendy Hipster. Thank goodness, gone are the days of paying between $3-400 for a pair of prescription eyeglasses from my eye doctor.  If you haven't tried ordering eyeglasses online, you need to.  It's slick, easy, and pretty much fool proof.   And it will save you a ton of money!  Firmoo offers cute frames and low prices. - Online Optical Store This is actually the second time I've worked with Firmoo on a blogger eyeglasses review, so I have two different pair from them.  Both of great quality, and I have no complaints.  We've been so impressed, that when my husband needed new glasses... we used as customers, and ordered his … [Read more...]

Firmoo – Free Pair of Glasses Offer & Review

Firmoo is a popular online eyeglasses store, offering mail order of prescription glasses at drastically reduced prices. Spending nearly a lifetime as a contact lens and glasses wearer, time and again I  have forked over hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses, always conservatively ordering them from an optometrists office.  I confess, I was somewhat skeptical of the concept of ordering cheap glasses from an online store. I’m happy to report that using Firmoo was a surprisingly positive experience, and I wanted to share the scoop with you in case you’ve wondered about this option yourself. Even better, for all new customers they offer your first pair of glasses for FREE!  You pay a minimal price for shipping and handling.  But this is a fantastic option to try them out for yourself. Here’s a little about my experience with using Firmoo.  Firmoo – Shopping Their Website I shop online frequently, and between that and being a programmer myself – I’m pretty picky about … [Read more...]