When Did I Become Such a Road Trip Wuss?

When you are raised in a rural state, driving long distances doesn't faze you.  It's a given.  And once you reach the age where you are trusted to leave home for the weekend, then the road trip adventures really begin. For a good portion of my life, I was a road trip warrior.  I lived smack dab in the middle of South Dakota.  We were perfectly willing to drive 3 hours one way to go to a Fair, to go snow or water skiing, or just to visit someone.  And then back again, on the same day.  No problem. The possibilities of where we could drive in one day's time were exciting.  (Well, maybe "exciting" is a strong word.  It was the Midwest, after all.)   I felt no reservations whatsoever when making road trip plans.  Hey, let's go wherever we want!  We can drive there! Granted, this was a time back when gas prices were a non-issue.  And before a thrown-from-a-horse injury left me with permanent hip pain.  But let's face it.  At my age, horse injury or no... my body would very likely … [Read more...]