Back to School Reusuable Lunch Gear From Mighty Nest [Giveaway, Ended 8/15]

First, please allow me to tell you about Mighty Nest, because they are an amazing site and central resource for finding healthy, eco-friendly, natural products for your home and family.  And then we’ll move on quickly to the Back to School reusable lunch gear giveaway they are sponsoring, because it includes some fantastic products! Mighty Nest has waded through all the marketing claims for you, tested these items on their own loved ones, and brought together the best of the best when it comes to high quality, healthy products.  I've become quite a fan of theirs over the past few months. They have helped me discover healthy home products that I didn't even know existed, which were quickly and pleasantly assimilated into our everyday life.  And I'm convinced from my experience with the products I've purchased from them, that the brands they are featuring (and hence recommending) are all ones you are going to be very happy with. So save yourself the time consuming, no … [Read more...]

Colorful Bento-ware Lunches End Plastic Baggie Waste [Giveaway, Ended 4/8]

Do you tire of packing your child's lunch, and feeling like you are wasting an average of 2-4 plastic baggies per day?  I do.  I own a variety of storage containers, and use them occasionally.  But they are typically too bulky or misshaped to be able to use to pack my daughter's entire lunch.  So at best, we had been using a combination.  But still so wasteful.  Enter the colorful Bento-ware Laptop Lunches as a fun and effective solution! We recently tried out a Bento lunch box (laptop lunch) and a Bento Buddies set.  Here's what we thought of how these fun, creative, and effective products helped solved our problem. Bento Lunchbox and Bento Buddies I fell in love with these the second I read about them online.  My daughter already eats in compartmentalized fashion, and I knew a Bento lunch box, or "Laptop Lunch", could put a stop to our daily packaging waste problem. You can purchase Bento-ware laptop lunches by either customizing which containers you'd like, purchasing them … [Read more...]