Come Discover Colorado’s Wild Horses

Colorado is known for outdoor recreation and miles of beautiful hiking trails. But did you realize it’s also home to one of only three areas in the United States set aside specifically for wild horses? Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area in Western Colorado is easy to find, free to access, and open year round. Here’s what you need to know to plan a fun day adventure there. Where to See Colorado's Wild Horses A hidden gem of western Colorado, Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area is home to a beautiful herd of wild horses.  This sizable area is over 36,000 acres of public land, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The herd is comprised of hearty mustangs, and ranges in size from 90 to 150. A group called Friends of the Mustangs works with BLM to ensure that both the range and the horses living here are kept healthy.   They also assist in annual roundups, and in finding adoptive homes for any animals culled from the herd. Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area Although it's … [Read more...]

Family Fun At The Trampoline Park!

Last week we went to to our local trampoline park Get Air (such a great name), located downtown Grand Junction in an old commercial silo building.  Holy cow was that unexpectedly fun!  All kids go crazy for this place, and I had been there once before, but previously just watched.  Mostly because I'm too cheap to pay my jumping admission.  And it seemed like... you know... it was for kids. Lo and behold - Monday nights are "parents jump free" nights, so we made it an extended family affair.  And we ALL jumped, like Champions! I was surprised at what a total blast this was.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  There's something about doing youthful things like this, that you maybe haven't done or felt in decades (seriously, when was the last time your body got thrown up into the air?), that makes a little kid giggle involuntarily bubble forth.  Accompanied by a feeling of glee.  It's a good feeling! My entire family was there… my brother & his family … even Nanna and Grandpa came to … [Read more...]