Celebrate Earth Month By Playing! #PledgeToPlay

Earth Day has evolved into Earth Month! Hey, I think our fabulous planet deserves a month of our time, in thinking about how to take good care of her.  :)   So how about trying to take one hour per day this Earth Month.... to play! Not on your phone. Not on your tablet. Not in front of the tv. Or the computer. Just play.  Indoors or out.  Although it seems ideal to try and get you and your kids outside to play in honor of Earth Month.    But even if it's indoors, an hour of non-electronics play is saving electricity (and hence energy). Here's a cool site that offers exclusively eco-friendly products, and has come up with a fun campaign (with prizes!) this month to encourage people to be mindful of playing and taking care of our Earth. Green Toys #PledgeToPlay Green Toys is an eco-friendly company, making toys from 100% recycled materials.  In looking over their website, I realized that my son happens to have three different toys from Green Toys.  And they are … [Read more...]