HEX Performance Cleans and Protects Gear & Apparel

Whether your active endeavors take place in the forest, in a gym, or out with a ball in the field.... say hello to fresh-smelling gear and apparel.  HEX Performance is an innovative detergent, formulated especially for high tech fabrics.   It's the first-ever system designed specifically to clean and protect today’s high performance fabrics and athletic gear. This is great news for any athletes, fitness or outdoor enthusiasts who invest in quality performance clothing.  You pay a lot for technical moisture wicking apparel, and you want it to continue to perform for a long time. Using HEX is a great way to make sure that it does. HEX Performance ~ Cleans Smells can build up in gear and athletic/active wear clothing that doesn’t come out, no matter how many times you try and wash it.   The problem is that sweat, dirt, oil, bacteria, mildew, and other pollutants contribute to odor that gets trapped in our gear and clothing. To address this, HEX scientists have created a new … [Read more...]

HEX Performance Event at Colorado’s Target Stores

You know how synthetic fabric technology has advanced in recent years, making available that fantastic, light weight, moisture wicking athletic clothing? Well, if you've got any of that in your household, you're going to be interested to hear about HEX Performance products.  They make advanced cleaning agents engineered to restore, clean, and protect that high tech performance gear and apparel. Active wear made from complex, high tech performance fabrics needs special care.  As we all know, this type of clothing is not cheap.  And you obviously sweat in them much more than your typical tee shirt and jeans.  So HEX offers long lasting protection, keeping those items stink-free, and prolonging their life. "The power of HEX Tech not only cleans and eliminates odors typically associated with bacteria and mildew, but restores wickability, provides antistatic properties, and protects gear and apparel with a unique, bonded barrier providing odor-fighting technology." I absolutely love my … [Read more...]