Home Lighting and its Effects on Your Health

Making choices about home lighting is all about style and function. You choose locations and fixtures based on where you need light, and how the lamps look. Have you ever considering how your lighting may affect your health though? If you are getting concerned that your lights are a health concern, do a little research and arrange to have an electrical inspection to make some changes. Your Sleep Patterns One of the big ways your lights can affect your health is how they alter your sleep patterns. In particular, it's all about the color spectrum in your light bulbs. Modern CFL and LED bulbs, as well as mobile device screens, all produce light that is much heavier towards the blue end of the spectrum. This tends to keep you awake, and will make it harder to sleep when the lights do finally go out. It's recommended that you stay away from device screens before bed, and replacing light bulbs with those designed to produce light that is more yellow. Look for bulbs labeled "soft" or … [Read more...]