Planning In Advance For Future Home Emergencies

The following was contributed by guest author  Kevin Bennett Are You a Gambler? Colorado is a beautiful state. Sand dunes to the south are balanced by mountains stretching the length of the territory. To the east are vast plains, and as you travel the I-25 corridor, there are no shortage of activities to entertain you. It’s no wonder this state has grown dramatically in the last ten years, and is continuing to expand. Many people are moving to this colorful, temperate region and starting families. But for any family moving to a new home, it is important to reach “cruising altitude” before finding your routine. What does this mean? You’ve got to hope for the best and expect the worst. Plumbing Considerations Hope that when the year’s hottest days come, your AC works. Expect it to malfunction from time to time and have a technician on file should you need to call for assistance. Hope the year’s coolest blizzard won’t freeze the pipes and cause them to break, but expect this … [Read more...]