Urban Adventure in the 2016 Hyundai Tucson

Last week I attended a media launch event in Minneapolis, hosted by Hyundai to show off the all new 2016 Hyundai Tucson.  I fell in love with this sporty-yet-gorgeous crossover SUV model, and can totally see it fitting in nicely with a "live in a city, but love playing in the outdoors" lifestyle. Crossover sport utility vehicles have been taking the car industry by storm.  This new-ish automotive class hits the sweet spot between an SUV and a mid-sized sedan.  While a crossover SUV is slightly smaller than an SUV, you still sit up higher, have off road capabilities, and it has fuel economy close to a mid-sized car.  That's a trifecta, people!  This market is growing so rapidly, that 1 in 3 vehicles now sold in the US is a crossover. While the Tucson has been around since  2004, Hyundai has recently poured a bunch of fantastic changes into this all new 2016 - including: Extra safety features (more on this below...) Impressive technology (including Blue Link, with remote … [Read more...]