5 Ways to Protect Jewelry While Traveling

Nothing can ruin a vacation more than a lost ring, watch, or that favorite pair of earrings.  I thought this information was helpful and interesting, so wanted to share it with my readers. Whether you’re getting ready for a spring break vacation or planning a summer getaway, don’t lose sight of your tiniest travel companions – namely your jewelry. “It’s no surprise that people bring their jewelry with them on vacation. Jewelry is part of who you are,” said Trina Woldt, chief marketing officer at Jewelers Mutual.   However, Woldt said travelers should take extra precautions when planning their next vacation and encourages them to keep five tips in mind. Here’s how to minimize risk of jewelry loss, theft or damage. 5 Ways to Protect Jewelry While Traveling 1. Choose wisely. Take only the jewelry you’ll actual wear while traveling. 2. Make a list. Document all the jewelry you’ll take with you, or take pictures or video. 3. Carry it on. Never put jewelry in checked bags. Instead, … [Read more...]