Nike Free 5.0 iD ~ Kids Use Own Designs to #FreeYourMoves

Have you heard about Nike's current #FreeYourMoves campaign, inspiring kids to be active? Initiated last summer with the thought of promoting lots of healthy active play during summer break, it's something worth striving for year round. And with Nike Free 5.0 iD, kids can literally design their own athletic shoes to help them #FreeYourMoves. After wearing a pair of Nike Free 5.0 iDs for a few days, I knew my 8 year old daughter found them really comfortable.  But I asked her if they felt any different from "regular" tennis shoes?  Here is her reply: "Yes!  They are so comfy, and it almost feels like you are barefoot.  But not really.  I can run alot faster, because I can 'feel' when I'm wearing other tennis shoes... but I can't really feel these on my feet when I'm playing." More on this awesome, flexible design below.  But first let's get to the most fun aspect of Nike Free iD 5.0 - your kids get to design their very own pair online. Nike Free 5.0 iD ~ Design Your Own … [Read more...]

Back to School Shoes from Keen ~ Harvest MJ

Whether you long for it, or dread it (or a little bit of both), it's that time of year again to get kids geared up to head back to school!  Ahhh... and along with that comes the big SHOE decision.  My daughter has been trying out a pair of Keen Harvest MJ [Mary Janes] - so take a look at this adorable and durable option. My family has had good experience with the quality of Keen products in the past.  An outdoor brand by nature, I love that their footwear is sturdy and intrinsically built for outdoor adventures, at any given time. Keen Harvest MJ   Keen has had the Harvest MJ style available for women for awhile now, in various fun colors and prints.  Now for back to school 2013, they also have two Harvest Mary Jane options in girls sizes: in Black Iris (shown above left), and Hot Coral (shown above right). From the product site: "Crafted of beautiful patterns and natural canvas, the adorable Harvest MJ is perfect for back to school or weekend outings. The easily … [Read more...]

Heelys ~ Skating Gets the Kids Outside

If your child has never had a pair of Heelys, chances are very good they've seen a kid gliding along in a mall or parking lot, turned to you, and pleaded, "Can I get a pair of those?!"  And even as a parent ... you have to admit they look like fun! Heelys - Get Kids Outside to Play I try to lead an active lifestyle, and I also try to foster an enjoyment of being active in my kids.   Admittedly, we have some couch time where they watch movies or play games on the computer.  But I'm always interested in finding new ideas for outdoor activities that will draw them outside to play. Especially because Heelys had already peaked her interest, I was looking forward to a new "sport" that my daughter could enjoy that would get her active outside. It is like learning to skate, in that takes balance and some coordination.  But that's a good  thing!  Include a little challenge like this, and it becomes both more interesting and a greater amount of exercise for your kids. It's like … [Read more...]