Mindful Choices… in Clothing, Exercise, and Life

Being mindful for a woman with a busy lifestyle can be challenging.   This is especially true for us moms!  There are so many demands on our time and attention.  But that’s why it’s even more important. "Being mindful" means being present.  Being attentive.  Being aware.  Any time we make deliberate and mindful choices, it contributes in a positive way to our life, and inspires good feelings. Mindful Choices.... like taking a day off work to join your child’s school field trip. Mindful Choices.... like carving out time for yourself to get in some “Me-Time” Exercise. Mindful Choices.... like buying a piece of clothing from a sustainable brand, that has been designed to fit comfortably and last a long time. One of the things I enjoy about working with the prAna brand is that I appreciate how mindful they are of things like use of sustainable fabrics.  They’re also understandably proud of the fact that they are the first major clothing companies to offer Fair Trade … [Read more...]

5 Things I Can’t Run Without

There's a formula.  The gear and circumstances I can queue up for myself, to make sure I actually take that run.  Because as much as I've been enjoying training for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon, there are days when I really don't want to go running. Granted I'm a beginning runner, still in the early stages of training.  I'm averaging 2.5 miles, three times per week.  I use Jeff Galloway's genius run-walk-run method, and I swear it's saving me a great deal of pain.  (Love you, Jeff!)  I've also been experimenting with various gear and items to support my running.  Thus far, I've identified these 5 things I can't run without! Note, some of the items below were sent to me as samples to test out.  Some of them I purchased myself.  All are truly great running gear, and are items I feel I can't live without. 1.  Tiny, Rockin' Music Player I have music on my phone, and music on my iPod Nano.  However, neither of these have *exclusively* running music on them.  This left me … [Read more...]