“You’re Not the Boss of Me” Standoff at the Gym

Sitting in the steam room after my gym workout is my little reward to myself.  As I've discussed previously on this site (in The Gym:  A Real Person's Guide to Getting There) it often serves as that dangling carrot, motivating me to even get there. When the steam room is closed for repair, I'm crushed. But yesterday there were no such road bumps, and I was thoroughly enjoying my steam session, when after about 5 minutes... it stopped.   Now I can take the heat longer than most, and I'm not even close to being done after 5 minutes. A water faucet and short hose is the crude mechanism in place for firing the steam generator back up.  You cool down the temperature sensor near the ceiling by squirting water on it, and the steam kicks in again.  So I stood there with the hose, squirting the sensor.  And squirting.  And squirting.  No steam. How can it be broken?  It was just working fine a minute ago.  I fight back a tear. I'm not nearly saturated enough with heat yet.  … [Read more...]