Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Spring at Magic Kingdom

This week's Disney Wordless Wednesday theme:  Your March Calendar Shot! *o*     *o*     *o* Since I have never been to EPCOT's International Flower & Garden Festival (and officially found out today that I won't be seeing it this May 9-12th, either ... ahem!  But enough about that), I don't have many lovely topiary character pictures to dazzle you with, for a Disney Spring Calendar shot today. Although I was excited to see my first topiary, at the Magic Kingdom last month: And although it wasn't Spring yet when I took this next shot, the fact that you can see beautiful foliage like this in early February (a novel concept to a Midwesterner like myself) is one of the many reasons we love to go to Disney World in winter! Check out more great Springtime Disney shots this week by clicking the button below.  Thanks Deb, at Focused on the Magic, for hosting this fun weekly photo hop! … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday

This week's theme is: Disney's  Frontierland *o*     *o*     *o* Dare I commit myself so, and say that Frontierland is my favorite land in Disney's Magic Kingdom?!  I think it may be true.   And I think it all stems from happy childhood memories of riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with my dad (loving the sound of his low, nervous chuckle throughout), followed up by a session together with him and my brother at the shooting gallery.   Good times.  Now I take my own young 'un there... Yeeeeee-Haaaaw!  Best Character Greetin' in the West, pardner! … [Read more...]