Easy & Gorgeous Skin and Cosmetic Line for Women Over 40!

I saw this ad on Facebook the other day and was instantly enthralled. She looked immediately familiar.  That radiant, breathtaking, white haired, middle-aged model I had seen in numerous advertising photos.  Come to find out, Cindy Joseph started modeling late in life.   And now she has an awesome line of pro-age skin care and cosmetics especially for “older” women… BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. I’ve used it now for one month.  And I will never go back! The 90’s Called… They Want Their Makeup Back My makeup routine has been the same for years.  (And years.)  I don’t give it much thought, as I typically only apply cosmetics on the days when I’m going to the office.  Other than that, I prefer the easier natural look. But I’m not as young as I used to be.  I just don’t look the same, and my skin doesn’t feel the same.  You know where you get to that place in life, where you realize you should probably do something different (fashion/style/beauty wise)… but you aren’t exactly sure … [Read more...]

Jane Iredale Makeup & Denver’s AOB Med Spa [Giveaway, Ended 5/29]

The past few weeks I've had the pleasure of trying out a lovely brand that was previously new to me:  Jane Iredale makeup.  Available at Denver's AOB Med Spa or online, this is a natural, healthy makeup line designed not only to enhance your beauty but also nourish your skin. jane iredale is also called "The Skin Care Makeup", as founder Jane was the first to supply this industry with a line of makeup that had skin care benefits.   Using the jane iredale makeup line offers benefits such as: Won't block pores Virtually no allergy risk Broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection – up to SPF 30 Anti-inflammatory, can calm and soothe irritated skin Complete coverage for skin conditions I don't wear a lot of makeup, and don't like spending a lot of time during my morning routine to get ready.  At a minimum, I do like my skin to feel and look good, smooth, and even-toned.  This gets to be more of a challenge with age, but I think jane iredale does a great job of … [Read more...]

“PixiGlow” Tinker Bell’s Makeup by Pixi Beauty [Giveaway]

  If you read my recent review Tinker Bell's Makeup ~ Your Turn to Glisten Like a Fairy, you know that Pixi Beauty is one of my new favorite line of cosmetics.  This is one of the few companies I have done a review for, and then immediately purchased some additional products on my own. I love everything from their motto "Makeup to Wakeup", to founder Petra's use of natural beauty and the light in the forest as her inspiration. Pixi Beauty features a fun and exciting new Disney Tinker Bell inspired line called "PixiGlow", and I am very happy to tell you that they have shared three fabulous pieces from this line for me to giveaway to my readers! If you are the winner, you will be receiving: Fairy Dust, $14 Described as "Glimmering loose powder pigment to add an ethereal luster to eyes, skin, or even lips." Magic Tink Tint, $16 Described as "Super-moisturizing tinting lip balm that goes on clear & turns into a gorgeous blooming pink in a few fairy … [Read more...]

Tinker Bell’s Makeup ~ Your Turn to Glisten Like a Fairy

She's spunky, energetic, and always has a glow about her... what would you think of a makeup line that captures the essence of Tinker Bell for you? (Who wouldn't love looking a little more like Tink?) High end cosmetic company Pixi Beauty was founded over 10 years ago by makeup artist Petra Strand.  I have fallen in love with the PixiGlow Disney line they now carry, as well as several of their other products and overall motto:  "Makeup to Wakeup"! As a very busy mom, anything that can quickly and easily help keep my face looking fresh, natural, and well rested is a welcome addition. And although it's primarily a makeup line (vs. skin care), they include skin nourishing ingredients in all of their products.  So your makeup performs double duty. Petra's Philosophy:  Bring Out Your Natural Inner Glow Pixi's Signature Look is actually very light and natural - my favorite way to wear makeup. Check their website for a number of great video clips, featuring ideas such as … [Read more...]