Baby Moose at Play

My coworker just returned from her first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado.  She said they got an early start one morning, and caught this precious and rare sight - a mama moose and her baby! This is one of my favorite animals to see in the Wild.  And it reminded me of a wonderful video clip I had seen before, of twin baby moose caught playing in an Alaskan backyard.  So I searched for it and embedded it below, to share with you.  You've maybe seen it before, but it's worth watching again and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. When I showed this clip to my sweet baby boy, towards the end he leaned in and kissed my laptop screen.  That's exactly how it makes me feel, too.     Has anyone seen a moose lately?  Do tell!  :) … [Read more...]

Spotting Wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park

We recently got to spend the weekend at Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can often get good deals on condo rentals in the winter there, since not having a ski area nearby makes it their off season. And if you haven't hot tubbed outside, in the snow, in winter... you are missing out.  Make sure you book one with a hot tub! This is a majestic and beautiful area, and my favorite part is getting to see lots of elk. Spotting wildlife is one of my favorite aspects of being in the wilderness. Elk are so prevalent in this area, that you often see them strolling around the nearby town of Estes Park. Here are the best shots of the closest ones we saw, sitting right nearby the road.   In the words on my dad, these are "about as big as they get"!   Some of the roads are closed in Rocky Mountain National Park during the winter. But we were able to make our way to frozen Bear Lake, just as the winds and snow were picking up, for a blustery adventure and … [Read more...]