Mountain Khakis Women’s Old Faithful Sweater

Mountain Khakis is an apparel company headquartered out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, who makes clothing "built for the mountain life".  Or perhaps, if you just wished you lived in the midst of some breathtaking and rugged mountains... you're gonna love their style, too.  Although they originally started out with just a mens line, they've since grown and expanded to offer some great clothing for women and kids, too.   I recently tried out Mountain Khakis Women's Old Faithful Sweater, a new addition to their Fall/Winter 2013 line. Take a look at this classic wardrobe piece. Mountain Khakis Women's Old Faithful Sweater First I'd like to reiterate, for any who missed my previous Mountain Khakis review, that this brand uses only the best materials in their construction.  I have a great deal of confidence in the quality of MK clothing. I've noticed the recent use of this unique, two surface fabric from at least one other high-end outdoorsy brand this Fall.   I've never seen the … [Read more...]

Mountain Khakis ~ Granite Creek Pant & Anytime Tank [Giveaway, Ended 7/12]

Founded in Jackson Hole, WY, Mountain Khakis (MK) high end apparel is designed for long lasting, rugged outdoor use.   After a successful near-decade of crafting mens clothing, and growing as a mountain-lifestyle inspired brand, they now also feature a Women's Collection. I love the MK Soul Statement:   "For many outdoor and mountain enthusiasts pure freedom and rugged adventure has become a way of life.  Mountain Khakis were developed specifically for this lifestyle." I tried out a couple of their pieces, and here's how they fit and performed. MK Women's Granite Creek Pant, $85 These pants are what I consider an "outdoors/hiking investment". And I can give you a good reason why you need such a thing. A few years ago I had a very unpleasant encounter with stinging nettles, while hiking a shaggy-with-vegetation trail.  It was extremely painful and unpleasant, and after learning this lesson the hard way... I now strive to ensure I'm always wearing pants  when I … [Read more...]