5 Winning Reasons to Visit Colorado Springs – “Olympic City USA”!

Nestled along a gorgeous stretch of Rocky Mountain Foothills, just a touch south of Denver, lies the city of Colorado Springs.  The front range views of this area are some of the most stunning in all of Colorado.  And there’s plenty of fun to be had during a family visit to what’s been dubbed “Olympic City USA”. Here are just a few winning reasons why your family will enjoy a visit to Colorado Springs. #1 – Rich Olympic Heritage, a.k.a. Olympic City USA Curious why this place is known as Olympic City USA?  Note these interesting facts: Colorado Springs is home to the United States Olympic Committee and U.S. Paralympics They have two official Olympic Training Sites: the velodrome and ice skating facility The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center is located here, and is open to the public. Public tours are available year-round Monday – Saturday.  Visitors can then explore the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Rotunda, shop at the U.S. Olympic Store and check out the art … [Read more...]

Evan Lysacek & Figure Skating in Harlem #EveryStep

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek is teaming up with Figure Skating in Harlem to use academics and figure skating to empower girls in some of New York City’s most under served areas. As part of Citi's Olympics Every Step of the Way program, Evan is one of 9 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes chosen to select and represent a program in need.   Each athlete's inspiring story, and reasons why they selected their program, are featured on the Every Step of the Way site.  You are invited to vote for your favorite, and help decide where a $500,000 donation from Citi should go. I'm one of those Winter Olympics fans who always looks forward to watching ice skating above all other sports.  Breathtaking!  So I found myself partial to "Team Evan", and his chosen program Figure Skating in Harlem. Evan Lysacek's Journey to US Olympic Gold When he started skating at age 8, nothing magical occurred for Evan Lysacek.  He claims he exhibited no natural talent for the sport, and … [Read more...]

Winter Olympics & Citi’s Every Step of the Way Program #EveryStep

Nine U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Nine programs in need. A $500,000 donation from Citi. You help decide where it goes with just a click.  That's Citi's Every Step of the Way program in a nutshell. Citi's Every Step of the Way Citi, sponsor of the US Team for the Winter Olympics, has agreed to make a $500,000 donation to the U.S. Olympic Committee.  As part of their Every Step Of the Way program, they are asking fans to help decide where it goes. On their website, you can experience the inspiring stories of each of the 9 participating Olympic athletes, and hear what personally drove their selection of a worthy program to receive this donation. Contenders to receive the donation include U.S. Olympic, Paralympic and Community Programs that help future athletes take their next steps.  They range from teaching girls in Harlem how to figure skate, to introducing wounded veterans to sled hockey. Chose your favorite athlete, or choose the cause which most touches your heart... … [Read more...]