Order Gorgeous Glasses That Fit With Coastal’s MyFit Tool

Ordering prescription eyeglasses online is easier than ever before.  Being a life long glasses wearer, I've tried this a few times myself and was recently impressed with my Coastal experience. Coastal is the largest online eyewear retailer, featuring gorgeous designer styles that will instantly catch your eye.  With over 1,500 styles to choose from, selecting your favorite would be nearly impossible.  That's where the MyFit tool comes in handy, which will also help ensure you order a pair of frames that will fit you comfortably. Coastal Eyewear ~ Huge Selection, Boutique Feel When you first arrive on the Coastal Eyewear page, you'll notice the classy boutique feel.  One option is to browse their attractive selection by gender and general shape.  Or you may prefer to shop by brand, material, or even color. I found myself cutting right to the chase, and letting the MyFit Tool help you find a frame with the ideal fit.   I was shocked at the results. Get the Perfect Fit With … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com Coupon Code

Have you seen an ad for the online eyeglasses store GlassesShop.com, and been wondering whether to give them a try?  Well, here's my personal experience with receiving glasses from this company, which may prove helpful.  Because ordering prescription eyeglasses from an eye doctor's office is so costly, this appealing alternative of purchasing from an online glasses stores is becoming more and more popular.  I've now tried it twice, and although I was initially hesitant... I'm now a pretty big fan, and recommend it. GlassesShop.com offers both sunglasses and eyeglasses, with a nice selection that is searchable by gender, type, materials, or shape.  I had no trouble finding more than one style that appealed to me - it was actually hard to make my choice.   You pick a frame you love, and the price shown includes free prescription lens (single vision lenses, with anti-scratch coating).  Overall, it's a HUGE savings from the traditional method of purchasing from your local eye doctor's … [Read more...]

Firmoo – Free Pair of Glasses Offer & Review

Firmoo is a popular online eyeglasses store, offering mail order of prescription glasses at drastically reduced prices. Spending nearly a lifetime as a contact lens and glasses wearer, time and again I  have forked over hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses, always conservatively ordering them from an optometrists office.  I confess, I was somewhat skeptical of the concept of ordering cheap glasses from an online store. I’m happy to report that using Firmoo was a surprisingly positive experience, and I wanted to share the scoop with you in case you’ve wondered about this option yourself. Even better, for all new customers they offer your first pair of glasses for FREE!  You pay a minimal price for shipping and handling.  But this is a fantastic option to try them out for yourself. Here’s a little about my experience with using Firmoo.  Firmoo – Shopping Their Website I shop online frequently, and between that and being a programmer myself – I’m pretty picky about … [Read more...]