5 Perfect Spring Day Ideas to Get Kids Outside

The biting cold starts to leave the air, and the feeling of warm sun on your face almost leaves you giddy.  If you live anywhere with distinct seasons, the arrival of Spring weather is an exciting change.  My family and I always feel inspired to open those windows… and even better, get outside and play! Winter sports may be winding to a close, but there is so much fun to be had in Spring.  You don't need expensive or technical gear in order to do so.  If you need some motivation or inspiration, here are 5 free ideas to get kids outside this Spring.  Plus, some information on the upcoming fun and exciting Kids to Parks™ Day! #5 - Color Scavenger Hunt There are so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest for kids nature hunts!  Here are two of my absolute favorites. Color Scavenger Hunt – I really love this one for its beauty and simplicity.  No time for printables?  Grab a piece of paper and markers to make a quick chart for your kids.  Then send them out to look for what nature has … [Read more...]

Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature

Love the concept of your kids playing outside more, but need some creative fuel to get the "what can we play?" juices going? Recently published, The Kids Outdoor Adventure Book:  448 Great Things To Do in Nature Before You Grow Up is a great book full of fun ideas, and definitely worth taking a look at. The Kids Outdoor Adventure Book ~ Layout Divided in sections by the season (yes, that's right... the kids can pursue these outdoor activities year round!), we love how this book is laid out. My 2nd grade daughter immediately worked her way through the book's "Spring" section - bookmarking what she wanted to try.  With grass.  :)  I thought that was cute, and rather appropriate. I expect to be thumbing through this book for years to come, getting ideas of new adventures for our kids to head out and tackle.  I love how it really gets them excited about heading out into nature, and includes varying levels of adventure scale.   Tasks range from one hour, own-backyard kinda … [Read more...]