How to Assemble a Winter Safety Kit

One of the biggest blessings and joys of living in Colorado, is also one of its biggest concerns – I’m talking about our beautiful winters. Our state’s Department of Transportation also does a fantastic job of clearing roads and putting salt and sand down when the roads get icy. So, there’s hardly ever any reason to be concerned about driving around in our ‘Winter Wonderland.’ Still there are those few and far between times when we must venture over hill and dale to get to a friend’s or family member’s house, or do an out of the way errand, and there’s always an outside chance that you’ll encounter any number of setbacks. Mainly, I’m talking about if your car either breaks down somewhere fairly remote, you get into a car accident, you lose traction and your vehicle goes off the road, or you get stuck somewhere because of a road closure. Neil Hillyard, a Denver attorney, who has lived here for more than 40 years, and has seen a fair number of winter car accidents can attest to the … [Read more...]

Colorado Road Trip with Travel Ready prAna

Eleven years in, and the thrill of living in the state of Colorado has not worn off for me.  One of my absolute favorite Colorado road trips is east / west over the Rocky Mountains.  If you haven't traveled this stretch of I-70, you need to add it to your bucket road trip list. Colorado Road Trip This is a frequent Colorado road trip route for my family, whenever we head to Denver for the weekend.  Love the scenery along Colorado's I-70, as it dodges and weaves along the Colorado River in many places. The views obviously change with the seasons, both varying and beautiful.  My husband probably thinks I'm crazy, taking pictures with my phone on the journey.  Every. Single. Time. Favorite rest area?  Grizzly Creek, just a few miles east of Glenwood Springs.  It offers hiking trails and an easy stroll down to take in the Colorado River.  Simply lovely, and an excellent place to take a short break and stretch your legs.  And take some more pictures.  Every.  Single. … [Read more...]

5 Tips for a Hassle-Free Family Road Trip

There’s nothing better than a road trip to ignite that sense of freedom and adventure, and the summer season is the perfect time to pack up the family and hit the highways. Of course this type of travel option will need a little planning, to ensure the journey isn't as bumpy as the road. You may have ditched the paper maps in favor of the sat-nav, but a few additional precautions will help you to easily survive a family road trip. A little planning Making sure your vehicle is in top shape before setting off should be a no-brainer, even if you are a member of a breakdown service. Get a professional to give your car a once over to ensure it’s ready for some long distance driving. Once the car itself is taken care of you can then begin to plan out your route, and decide where to stop-off along the way. Get the kids involved in the planning process by showing them the points of interest they’ll be able to visit throughout the journey. Boredom beaters Driving long-distances might … [Read more...]

Road Trip to South Dakota (…Ode to Wyoming)

As an adult, I chose to move to a state which housed the majestic Rocky Mountains.  But I still miss my true Midwestern roots in South Dakota from time to time.  So when my now retired South Dakotan parents recently sold their house, in order to move closer to us here in Western Colorado... I knew it was last call for a nostalgic trip to my home state. At its best, this is a grueling journey through "Does this state EVER end?" Wyoming.  With greatly varying degrees of length, depending on things like: The dog's whining, growing to an intolerable level Dad the Driver's caffeinization-to-rest-stop ratio, and Antsy kids restrained in car seats, with escalating senses of frustration and stir craziness ... we could be looking at anywhere from a 9 hour (all time best) to 13 hour journey.  Ugg. I recently wrote about my trepidation to take on this trip alone with my 2 kids (in When Did I Become Such a Road Trip Wuss?).   But thanks in no small part to the encouragement … [Read more...]