Power Through the Outdoors: Tips from Kevin Jorgeson

My family loves to head out and go camping at every opportunity. We make an effort to be screen free during these times, to try and maximize our enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors.  But there's still some crucial outdoor gear we never leave home without, and  many of it requires batteries. Headlamps, lanterns, flashlights, and walkie talkies... all go-to items.  These need long lasting battery life both for safety reasons, and to enable you to power through your outdoor adventures even longer. Although I'm not a rock climber, I wanted to share these cool tips from Kevin Jorgeson.  Kevin is a climbing and outdoors expert, most notably known for his record-breaking free climb of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall.  He enjoys outdoor adventuring at night, and Duracell makes the only batteries he trusts for his long climbs. And be sure to check out the awesome giveaway of some outdoor gear at the end! Power Through the Outdoors: Tips from Kevin Jorgeson Outdoor climbing can … [Read more...]

Colorado National Monument Hiking With Kids

If you ever find yourself in Western Colorado, be sure to check out the Colorado National Monument.  With beautiful red rock terrain, and even some wild mountain goats running around - this is an outdoor hidden gem, with a nice variety of trails for you to enjoy hiking with kids. Colorado National Monument ~ Hiking With Kids There are two entrances to the park, an east and a west.  Currently the entrance fee is $10 per vehicle, or free with a National Parks pass.  Be sure to grab a map at the drive-by entrance station on the way in.   If you have a specific length and type of hike you are interested in, ask the ranger working the booth for suggestions of a trail. Be aware that you can't bring dogs along on the trails, even on a leash.  And bring plenty of water, as this can be a high temperature area. If you enter from the west, you'll get to pass through a couple of tunnels.  My kids always find this exciting.  (Ok... I do, too!)  After about 5 winding miles of road, you will … [Read more...]