How to Assemble a Winter Safety Kit

One of the biggest blessings and joys of living in Colorado, is also one of its biggest concerns – I’m talking about our beautiful winters. Our state’s Department of Transportation also does a fantastic job of clearing roads and putting salt and sand down when the roads get icy. So, there’s hardly ever any reason to be concerned about driving around in our ‘Winter Wonderland.’ Still there are those few and far between times when we must venture over hill and dale to get to a friend’s or family member’s house, or do an out of the way errand, and there’s always an outside chance that you’ll encounter any number of setbacks. Mainly, I’m talking about if your car either breaks down somewhere fairly remote, you get into a car accident, you lose traction and your vehicle goes off the road, or you get stuck somewhere because of a road closure. Neil Hillyard, a Denver attorney, who has lived here for more than 40 years, and has seen a fair number of winter car accidents can attest to the … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year’s Eve [Giveaway, Ended 12/30]

Our beloved family dog, Daisy, is about as easy going as a dog can get.  I've had dogs who escape, dogs who run away if not on a leash, and dogs who got very nervous and upset at disruptions or loud noises such as fireworks.  So although Daisy doesn't have any of those quirks... I certainly know they can be a challenge for dog owners to deal with.  And no matter what your pet's disposition, we all want to keep our pets safe. It's for that reason I was interested in sharing the following sponsored tips on dog safety on New Year's Eve.  It'a a time of year when celebrations may become a problem or even danger to your family pet. Hopefully you find these useful, and be sure to check out the gift card giveaway at the end! *o*     *o*     *o* New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate, let loose, and de-stress after the holidays. It is generally considered to be fun for everyone involved. However, there’s one member of your family that may not enjoy New Year’s Eve quite as much - your … [Read more...]