Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Cruising’s Not For Me

I had my fake tan, perfectly timed pedicure, and cruise wear cover-up style dresses (not my typical garb) all ready to go, for my very first cruise!  After finally convincing my hesitant, prone-to-motion-sickness husband to give this type of vacation a try for our 10th anniversary trip with no kids, I was certain we were going to love every minute of it. Now recently returned from this maiden voyage of ours, and at the risk of sounding like a negative party pooper, I'm here to report that much to my surprise I've discovered cruising is not for me. Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful trip.  And there are definitely some charming and enjoyable aspects to vacationing on a cruise ship.  The food was great, we had fun filled days at port, and being a girl raised on the river - I absolutely love being out on the water in any type of boat. But alas, there were a few not-so-savory aspects to our cruise, which I found myself unprepared for. Camping On The Sea Pay careful attention … [Read more...]