Avon’s Bug Guard Plus ~ 50% Off Sale [Giveaway, Ended 5/31]

I've reviewed Avon's Bug Guard Plus in the past, and my family has had success with this product line.   You can read about our experience with it and our favorites here. I frequently receive inquiries on the Avon Bug Guard Plus products, from concerned moms who want to protect their little ones from bug bites (and the sun!) but in a gentle way. So today I've got a guest post written by Avon representative Mary Bertsch.  She put the following article together to let you know a little more about Avon's Bug Guard line, let you know that it's currently on sale for 50% off, and to offer a great giveaway. *o*    *o*    *o* Summer time means fun with your family outdoors. You don't want to leave home without protection from sun and the nasty mosquitoes and bugs. You probably have heard that Avon has a great insect/bug repellent. When you look at the assortment of Avon Bug Guard products, you probably don’t know which one to choose from for your family’s needs. I will inform you … [Read more...]

Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard ~ Protect Yourself & Little Ones on Outdoor Adventures

Don’t you just hate mosquitoes?  I mean, I hate being bit myself plenty.  But I really, really hate when they bite my poor kids!   Babies and toddlers seem to have particularly ugly reactions to bug bites.  But we often feel even more cautious about putting strong chemical bug repellants on their sensitive skin. DEET can be effective, but is strong, nasty stuff that I personally don’t like my toddler and gradeschooler-prone-to-eczema to use.  A quandary, indeed. As a child, we occasionally used Avon's Skin-So-Soft for bug repellant.  Avon has taken this to a whole new level with their Skin So Soft Bug Guard line of products, with the motto, "Tough on bugs - not on you".  I was excited to try them out on my young family.  Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard ~ Line of Products All of Avon's Bug Guard products are DEET-free.  Skin So Soft Bug Guard insect repellents are suitable for the entire family.  Avon’s insect repellents have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and contain … [Read more...]