What is Best for Interiors: Winding or Spiral Staircases?

Building your dream home, or perhaps just gathering ideas?  Consider including a unique and gorgeous staircase, which can add incredible design appeal.  Here are a few tips when investigating this option. While large houses can sometimes allow for straight staircases, its more common to have a at least one bend or turn in the stairs to make it fit in a tighter space. In small multi-floor apartments, this can be a significant architectural issue as every inch counts. A spiral staircase can be a dramatic choice that allows stairs in the smallest of areas, but are they better than a more gently winding stairway? If you're thinking about doing some stair renovations, you might want to learn more about your options. Footprint Size In terms of space, the spiral staircase will have a smaller footprint and take up less room. If your biggest concern is saving space, this this can be the way to go. On average, a spiral unit can be around 4 feet in diameter (they have a circular space … [Read more...]