Summer Outdoor Play Ideas for Your Kids

Are you ready to have those kids home for summer break?  Or are you panicking... maybe just a little?  Although I want my kids to have lots of outdoor play time, I've come to realize it helps to give them some ideas and/or toys to engage them and get them started. This is an ongoing work in progress around our household.  Aside from that obvious but expensive swingset purchase, here are a few of the more affordable things we've come up with to encourage outdoor play at our house. Summer Outdoor Play Ideas for Your Kids Garage Bins of Outdoor Toys - "That is NOT for indoor play!", mom emphatically declared.  Then stick in in the garage bin!  We keep two huge plastic tubs with balls, bats, gloves, roller blades, knee and elbow pads... really anything they play outdoors with.  Easy access.  Easy pick up. Tire Swing - If you've got a large enough tree, this is an inexpensive thing you can add to your kids personal playground right in their own yard. Plant Something - Can your kids … [Read more...]