Poolside Road Kill… & What I Love About Swimming Lessons

I’ve “made” my kids take swimming lessons every summer for years now.  I’m not sure why that’s the Mom’s Job, but apparently it is.  Since my 12 year old daughter has pretty much mastered the four main swim strokes, I finally let her off the hook this year.  But my 6 year old son still has some learning to do.  He actually requested to take them his year, so that was a pleasant surprise?! Since I work full time days, my husband has been a good sport about taking J to his lessons every day at noon.  I sneak out for a lunch break, and get to go watch him.  It’s been nearly 100 degrees for weeks now, but it’s a worthwhile show to watch. We are just entering Week 2.  Here are my favorite things I love about watching a 6 year old’s swimming lessons. Second Time’s the Charm My son hesitated at his very first diving board attempt. His instructor was waiting patiently in the water, with a floating device.  My son approached the end of the board, where he paused for quite some time … [Read more...]

5 Fun Activities for Hot Summer Days

I work full time, and suffer from a slightly larger dose of extra mom guilt in summer.   It weighs on me, if I think my two kids aren't getting to have any fun.  Plus, the summer school break flies by so quickly.  It’s only 10 weeks long in Colorado! So this summer I have made a concentrated effort to line up fun activities for my kids. 5 Fun Activities for Hot Summer Days These are a few of the things we have done this summer, that you may like to try yourself.  We’ve had three solid weeks of 100+ degree temperatures.  Whew!  Here are my 5 fun activities for those smokin' hot summer days. #1 – Free Bowling My sister in law tipped me off to this one, or I may not have believed it.  I tend to be skeptical of anything claiming to be “free”! Check out KidsBowlFree.com, and see if you have any local bowling alleys participating.  Every enrolled child can bowl 2 free games of bowling every day, all summer long.  All you pay is the price of shoe rental.  We’ve tried it, and … [Read more...]

2016 Best Summer Travel Destinations

Planning any summer travel this season, or still looking for some great destination ideas?  WalletHub has released its list of 2016's Best Summer Travel Destinations.  Their analysts compared the 80 largest metro areas across 30 key metrics to identify the most budget-friendly and fun-filled summer destinations. Whew!  They obviously didn't rule out any cities due to high temperatures (Las Vegas in summer?!)  But I do think they've used some smart criteria... such as “cost of the cheapest flight”, “number of attractions”, and “diversity of activities.” I can see where those elements would make for a fabulous trip.  What do you think of the cities that made the list? Best Summer Travel Destinations Las Vegas, NV Salt Lake City, UT Orlando, FL ~ Can't go wrong with a trip to Disney World! Los Angeles, CA ~ LA is Scary, but exciting in my opinion, after 1 week spent downtown... Atlanta, GA ~ World of Coke gets 2 thumbs up from me! Dallas, TX Greenville, … [Read more...]

Have a Great Summer Without Breaking the Bank

  Summer is almost upon us! This is fantastic news, we can get rid of those heavy winter clothes for a few months, make the most of the outdoors and turn the heating off. Cutting down on energy bills isn’t the only place you can save this summer, however. It is possible to have the best summer yet without jetting off to Hawaii or investing in a new conservatory. The summer is a time when you can get back to more simple pleasures. Here are some top tips on enjoying the summer to the max without spending a fortune.   Eat Well Summer isn’t a time to load up on a carbs and big meaty dishes. Filling our faces just make us feel uncomfortable and hotter. The best (and cheapest way) to eat in the summer is preparing light salads with fresh produce. This might mean cold pasta salads, filling potato salads or mixed leaves. If salads aren’t your thing, fish is a nice dish to have in the warmer weather as is a home-made chicken kebab marinated in a delicious … [Read more...]

Colorado Summer Fun 2015 Coupons

Today I saw a fun mom post on Facebook, a photo of her adorable daughter eating pancakes at IHOP.  It was obviously the little girl's idea of how to kick off their day.  The cool mom (Brandi of Mama Knows It All, my fellow Aventura Ambassador) hashtagged the photo #SummerOfYes. I love it. In that same spirit of living this summer to the full, and going out there to get after some serious fun... how about a few awesome links to Colorado Summer Fun 2015 Coupons, from ColoradoKids.com?  There are all kinds of adventures to be had here in Colorado - may as well get them at a discount. Colorado Summer Fun 2015 Coupons Copper Mountain Resort Association Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park Water World Pirates Cove The Splash at Fossil Trace Boondocks Fun Center Dinosaur Resource Center Children's Museum of Denver Butterfly Pavilion Downtown Aquarium Evolve Action Sports Park A+ Athletics Adventure Golf and Raceway RaftColorado.net Earth … [Read more...]

Summer Outdoor Play Ideas for Your Kids

Are you ready to have those kids home for summer break?  Or are you panicking... maybe just a little?  Although I want my kids to have lots of outdoor play time, I've come to realize it helps to give them some ideas and/or toys to engage them and get them started. This is an ongoing work in progress around our household.  Aside from that obvious but expensive swingset purchase, here are a few of the more affordable things we've come up with to encourage outdoor play at our house. Summer Outdoor Play Ideas for Your Kids Garage Bins of Outdoor Toys - "That is NOT for indoor play!", mom emphatically declared.  Then stick in in the garage bin!  We keep two huge plastic tubs with balls, bats, gloves, roller blades, knee and elbow pads... really anything they play outdoors with.  Easy access.  Easy pick up. Tire Swing - If you've got a large enough tree, this is an inexpensive thing you can add to your kids personal playground right in their own yard. Plant Something - Can your kids … [Read more...]

Summer 2013 Disney World Special Offers

Thinking of taking your kids to Disney World this summer of 2013?  Disney World now has some special offers available for the upcoming summer months, so this is a great time to book. I am an affiliate for the Disney Travel Planning specialists at Destinations in Florida.  I do not work for them, but the links included in this post are "affiliate" links, meaning if you booked your vacation with them via the links found here, I would receive a small commission. There are definitely advantages to using a travel planner, especially if this will be your first trip to Disney World. You can get a free quote and more information from Destinations in Florida on their website.  Plus they offer some additional free benefits if you book with them - more on that below. But most excitingly... the deals have just been released for this summer at Disney World!  So let's get to the juicy details. Summer 2013 Disney World Special Offer 4/2/13 UPDATE:  This offer has now been released to the … [Read more...]