4 Dangerous Things That Could Be Hiding In Your Tap Water

The following article was written and contributed by a partner. Water is the foundation of life; in fact every organism on this planet needs water to survive. Humans are 60% water. That’s a lot of water; a man weighing 70kg would have approximately 42 liters of water in them! This is why it is essential to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Fortunately you can get water directly from your tap; this is much more convenient and cheaper than purchasing water every time you need a drink. However, after you read the rest of this article you will want to consider purchasing an under the sink water filter. Here are the 4 dangerous things that can hide in tap water and the reason why you should get an under sink filter: 1. Chlorine Chlorine is added to water as it effectively kills bacteria and many different viruses. Unfortunately chlorine can also react with organic matter, such as decaying leaves. In this process it produces a product known as DBP. DBP has been … [Read more...]