6 Awesome Travel Products You’ll Love

The thing about a really great bag, is it just gets better with use.  It softens, and molds to the way you lug it.  You instinctively know exactly where to find things, after repeatedly storing and digging for them.  It becomes an extension of you on your adventures, as it accumulates all sorts of great memories. That’s why I feel it’s so essential to choose quality travel products, with well thought out designs.  When you find an entire brand that consistently makes this type of gear, it’s nice to be able to rely on them for your hiking and travel luggage needs. 6 Awesome Eagle Creek Travel Products Eagle Creek has been making durable travel outfitter goods since the 1970’s.  They offer a great assortment of luggage, backpacks, and even packing organizers.  They offer a “No Matter What” Warranty, which is lifetime coverage of their products.  They will either repair or replace, depending on the product failure. Here are some of what I think are their best products to check … [Read more...]

Katina Bags Has a Lifestyle Carry Solution For You [Giveaway, Ended 4/5]

Bags are a serious weakness of mine.  A bit of an organization freak, I never tire of exploring various options to carry along everything I need for the day.  Katina Bags had me hooked as soon as I took a look at their lovely website.  Their inspirational approach combines a beautiful tote bag, with coordinating organizational bags.  Katina Bags offers on the go organization, to help you "keep your life together without sacrificing style".  Sound too good to be true?  Read on, and decide for yourself... For the past few weeks, I've been using this gorgeous Katina Bags Lifestyle Carry Solution.  I'm excited to tell you about these, since it's a mom-idea, mom-owned company out of Colorado.  They are high quality and hand crafted, made with careful thought put into this smart design. Katina Bags Lifestyle Carry Solutions You can purchase from Katina Bags the individual tote bags, and various sizes of organizer components.  But to fully experience all the great benefits, you … [Read more...]

Travelon Anti-Theft React Tote [Giveaway, Ended 9/3]

Nothing beats a great tote bag.  Never leave home without one, that's my motto! Totes can be a busy woman's best friend - providing a roomy, hands free catch all for all that "stuff" you end up grabbing before you go.  I've been using the gorgeous and versatile Travelon Anti-Theft React Tote for the past few weeks now, and would love to tell you a little about this great bag. First, a word about Travelon's fantastic  line of anti-theft bags, since the React Tote falls under this family and as such offers some awesome features you won't get with your average tote bag. Travelon Anti-Theft Bags I've tested a Travelon anti-theft bag as a safe travel bag in the past, and am very impressed with the well thought out features they include. While each style varies slightly, these core anti-theft concepts are incorporated into most of their designs: slash-proof construction cut-proof straps (many can attach to the chair you're sitting in) locking compartments organizer … [Read more...]