5 Reasons Cruising Is For Families

Mary, travel blogger at The World Is a Book, and her husband take their two young kids all over the world. Her blog is truly a delight, and is a feast for both the eyes and the wanderlusting soul. She honored me by writing this post for my Travel Week Extravaganza.  A true cruising veteran, let her walk you through some of the reasons why it's their favorite type of vacation... *o*     *o*     *o* Despite its increasing popularity, there are still a few misconceptions about cruising.  It may not be for everyone but I’ve always told friends and family - just try it once.  It’s one of our favorite ways to travel and spend our vacation.  We are going on our 12th cruise next month, 11 of them with kids.  My almost 10-year-old daughter went on her first cruise at 6-months-old to Alaska and she still loves it. There are many reasons why we cruise and why cruising is also becoming more popular as a family travel option. 1.)  Reason Cruising Is For Families :  Onboard … [Read more...]

What (I Hope) My Kids Learn From Traveling

If you could trace the origins of the expression "LOL", surely you'd find mention somewhere in there of  Steve, from More Kids Than Suitcases.  He's hilarious, always entertaining, and his travel blog is one of my absolute favorite sites. So to kick off Travel Week Extravaganza with a smile, please welcome Steve as my Guest Travel Blogger today.  Sit back, enjoy, and get ready to laugh-out-loud... *o*     *o*     *o* What (I Hope) My Kids Learn From Traveling Guest Post by Steve, More Kids Than Suitcases To be honest, it’s not my favorite question.  I know that there are plenty of travelers out there who jump at the chance to explain their thoughts on the benefits of travel to people, but I can truthfully say that I really haven’t given the matter a whole lot of thought. When somebody comes up and asks me “Why do you travel so much?” they’re more likely to get the blank stare that I usually reserve for laundry instructions or my kids homework assignments than a well … [Read more...]

Travel Week Extravaganza – Kick Off!

It's time for Travel Week Extravaganza!  After recently traveling to Atlanta for a Blogging Conference hosted by Coca-Cola, and reviewing a bunch of great travel gear during my trip - now we're going to party all week with a travel theme! I've got daily travel gear reviews and giveaways, plus some of my favorite travel bloggers who've written some awesome guest posts for me to share with you... on everything from debunking cruising myths, to whether or not to use a travel agent, to a comical look at what your kids learn from traveling. Today is Day One, and here's what we've got for you: Eagle Creek Pack-It Spector Cube Set - Review & Giveaway! Steve, from More Kids Than Suitcases, takes a hilarious look at What (I Hope) My Kids Learn From Traveling Have fun!  Please join us daily!  At any time during the week, click this button to see all the posts: … [Read more...]