Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle [Giveaway, Ended 11/9]

Do you find it hard to pay for water when you're away from home?  This has always been my stance, and as a result I have quite a collection of water bottles.  I found Vapur while searching for a quality collapsible style water bottle to test out during my upcoming air travel.  Vapur, "The Anti-Bottle", makes foldable, reusable water bottles.  Extremely light and portable, they take up almost no room in your bag.  Plus they are affordable ($9.99 - $11.99), and come in some colorful and varied designs - including the Quencher collection for kids. Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle Features Each of the Vapur collapsible bottles features a harbinger type clip to attach to your gear - a must have for a good water bottle, in my opinion.   I was surprised to hear you can also fill and freeze them, and that they are dishwasher safe. Here is a list of features from their website: •Reinforcing Grommet •Sport Cap •Durable 3-ply construction •Taste free & odor resistant •Dishwasher … [Read more...]

Stonewear Designs Womens Travel Wear [Giveaway, Ended 11/7]

As a Grassroots Ambassador for Stonewear Designs, you've likely heard me talk about this women's active clothing company from Colorado.  One of the things I love about their clothing, is that because of the soft, wrinkle free fabrics with a bit of stretch and comfortable designs - not only do they make great active wear... they also translate nicely for travel wear. On my recent two day trip to a Coca-Cola Blogging Conference, the 21 bloggers in attendance were told to dress "casual chic".  I would be taking a carry on bag only, so would need to include the least number of clothing items possible. Well, let's see.  If I wear Stonewear Designs pants or capris each day of the conference, I'll be comfortable all day, and can come back to the hotel and also wear them for comfy, relaxing and lounging time!  Sounds perfect to me. Here's what I brought along on my trip: Stonewear Slit Crop Pant The Stonewear Slit Crop Pant is my favorite, because of the perfect (not too fitted) … [Read more...]

Lug Travel Wallet and Cosmetic Case [Giveaway, Ended 11/7]

I’m excited to tell you about this great bag and travel accessories company called Lug.  I found them online, and absolutely loved their site and the fantastic range of travel products which they offer.  They offer a number of “smart solutions” that work nicely for both travel and other areas of a busy life, and have been featured in O Magazine for their Cartwheel Fitness/Workout Bag. Initial overall impression of Lug’s product line?  Colorful and fun! I reviewed two great travel accessories from them, which were of interest to me.  I’ll be honest, when I opened the box with these two items my first thought was, “I thought the wallet would be smaller, and the cosmetic case would be bigger?”  I was surprised, and a little puzzled. I’ve now had the chance to actually use them on a recent trip (to the fun Coca-Cola blogging conference).  So allow me to tell you a little about what I thought of each. Lug Tango Travel Wallet If you’re the indecisive sort, I’ll warn you … [Read more...]

Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set [Giveaway, Ended 11/5]

Have you joined the world of packing cubes? All the rage right now, their purpose is to help keep you organized and facilitate the goal of packing light. In this new day and age of paying to check bags, traveling light becomes more and more appealing.  So I was looking forward to trying them out on my recent Coca-Cola Blogging Conference trip. I’ve seen two styles of packing cubes: mesh or fabric.  Mesh offers the advantage of seeing your contents easily, fabric excels in ease of gliding items in and out. The Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set I tried out from Eagle Creek offers the best of both.  Made from an extremely light fabric, they are also quite transparent.  This makes them nicer for handling, and again – sliding things in and out.  But you can also get a pretty good idea of the contents from the external view. These weigh next to nothing.  The zippers, seams, and material are all of good quality construction.  I particularly liked the handle on the end of each - which … [Read more...]