Take It All With You in the Go-To Mom SCOTTeVEST Sterling Jacket

In the world of travel vests, SCOTTeVEST is king.  I'd heard of them for years, and longed to have one of these nifty, multi pocketed, ideal-for-travel vests.  Available in many great styles, and now made with special RFID blocking pockets for your passport and credit cards - SCOTTeVEST jackets and vests are a highly functional piece of travel gear. So when they approached me with the idea of wearing one of their jackets as a  "Mom Utility Belt"... it gave me a chuckle.  This clever approach makes sense.  Why not load your jacket up with all the mom essentials you typically need, and have it on hand - ready to grab and go at a moment's notice? I selected a Sterling Jacket because of it's removable sleeves, and resulting ability to be worn pretty much year round.  It can be used as a warm jacket, or worn as just a basic vest.  After testing it out for a few weeks, here's what I found. SCOTTeVEST Sterling Jacket Review Although there are some awesome specialty vest designs, … [Read more...]